Get your Pastry Chef Degree

So you want to be a Pastry Chef?  This high energy, fast pace and creative art form of work is high in demand.  Whatever path you decide to take, owning a pastry shop, catering, working in a restaurant or large hotel you will find this extremely innovative career choice very rewarding.  Finding your path in pastry will take some hard decisions, but getting your pastry chef degree will open many doors to your future.

The United States abounds with culinary schools, so choosing the right one will take some investigating on your part.  Anyone wishing to get their Pastry Chef Degree should research the type of baking you are interested in.  Baking, such as breads, cakes, or cookies should look for a school that focuses on this type of baking.  Making wedding cakes could be your true calling in life so then you would want to make sure the school you choose is geared towards the artful aspect of pastry chef degree.

If you are more interested in the true meaning of pastry chef than you may want to investigate being a French patissier.  In France a patissier is a master pastry chef that must complete a lengthy internship and pass a written exam to be licensed as a master pastry chef.  Refining your baking skills to learn techniques from around the world.  You would be learning how to blend flavors and make attractive presentations. Traveling to Europe to learn from some of the greatest experts around the world.

Obtaining your pastry chef degree could take you down many roads with many opportunities.  Currently we now see pastry chefs that dedicate their lives exploring chocolate  and becoming a chocolatier.  Refining your skills towards this specialty will teach you about tempering chocolate.  The history of chocolate and the chemistry of chocolate. You never know where your interests may take you, but investigating each field will help in your decision in getting your pastry chef degree.

Another new and up coming field of study is Sugar Artistry.  If you want to bring the real artist out then this field of study could be for you.  Not just learning to make sugar flowers from gum paste or fondant you could be learning the art of  pulling and blowing sugar.  This art form started in France back in the late 1600ís.  This skilled occupation takes years to
develop and practice and patience is of the utmost.

So what ever road you decide to travel when obtaining your Pastry Chef Degree you will be entering and exciting and rewarding career.

Pastry Chef Degree
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